Health, Fitness, Sports is all in the rage nowadays, at least for the middle income and above, its cool to be fit, business who sell sports wear and equipment increase in sales, and weeks after weeks of sporting events, have you ever wonder, why all the rage?

Of course, people want to look good, thanks to our media, curvy shape and 6 pack is ideal, media told us that with a perfect body you’ll get more respect, a better girlfriend/boyfriend and so on, and here, here, and here is the proof, everything got a ‘study suggest’ dont they? well, all you need to know that your appearance matters! at least for awhile, or for the brief 5 minutes i meet you.

Well, of course there is health factor, with the help of social network, we’re more pessimistic about our world, more cancer, more poisonous food, conspiracy of food modification, conspiracy of xx food is not good for you, we’re more concern on our well being, we’re fearful that we may die a tragic and slow death, worst of all, the lack of insurance to pay for it. I’ve got ever shitty economy, i dont wanna get sick and spend 50 grand to ‘potentially’ cure the cancer, why not i join a gym program, do some jogging, play some sports to keep my lifestyle healthy? there’s a lot of benefit to this, we’ll get to this shortly.

The good news is, the fitness trend is here to stay, regardless you’re staying in Malaysia, Singapore, China or United States, government is actively pushing fitness program to ever obese citizens.

Fitness requires :

  • Commitment to time
  • Set a few goals, realistically
  • Basic required gear.

Of course it would be good that if you have a Nike shoe, latest Apple Watch 2, hell, if you cant do good, at least put a good show! ha! nah, i’m kidding, maybe i’m not? after all, you’ll be more driven to showcase your latest shoe, remember your gear is only as good as you.

Fitness is about health, good shape and best of all, a happier life. So start setting goals, if he can do it, so can you. You’re better, right?